About Eco Accountancy Services

I am Simon Hayes, an eco-conscious accountant

I trained as a chef in my birth county of Devon leading to a long and eventful career in the hospitality industry. Working my way up to run my own businesses I got a sound appreciation of the importance of good business financial management in that trade. I also started to question where the food I was working with came from.

This questioning opened into a life-long interest in how we grow our food, how we treat our planet, its resources, and each other, and how important both physical and mental health is along with what our responsibilities are in creating a sustainable future.

I firmly believe that practicing more ethical ways of doing business means that not only as individuals but as business owners we can contribute to creating a more sustainable future.

I have run several successful businesses over the years, mostly in hospitality where getting the numbers right are key to survival. I have real life business knowledge and experience that I enjoy sharing with my clients in my role as an eco and ethically conscious accountant.

About Eco Accountancy Services

If like me you run an ‘eco’ business you have probably been asked ‘so what makes you eco-friendly?’ It’s a good question, there is so much green washing around.

Using Net Zero Now I have committed the business to be Net Zero by 2023 and have an emissions reductions plan in place to achieve this. Among one of the first handful of accountancy practices in the UK to sign up for this Eco Accountancy Services was the first solo practice to gain the On the Road to Net Zero certification in the UK.

I work from a small office at home, no commuting for me and as I work online with my clients no need for you to make unnecessary, time-consuming visits to my office. I have reduced paper use to an absolute minimum, I use the Ecosia search engine, this website is powered by 100% renewable energy and any IT equipment required is bought refurbished. Where I can I use businesses in my supply chain who also hold the same eco-conscious values as me.

I am proud of my 5 star google reviews, each one of them has resulted in a tree being planted and a small donation to educate children about the environment. 

The business is also signed up to the Good Business Charter which champions responsible business behaviour. 

Some more about me

I am lucky to work with a few local charities and social enterprises and would encourage anyone in business to find time to help in their community if they can – it is so rewarding.

Amongst those I work with are a local social enterprise that helps to place young people with learning disabilities in the hospitality industry and a charity where I am enrolled as a business mentor providing free business support to young entrepreneurs.

When I’m not accounting you will find me either in my allotment growing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, sourcing local ingredients from small local suppliers and of course cooking all of this to keep my chef skills in practice! You may also find me somewhere walking with my wife Annie either here in our beautiful Kentish countryside or further afield.

I am also studying part time with the Open University for an Open degree. Modules taken so far include French Language, Environmental Management and Economics.

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